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What's our Story?

At the heart of our Story is our mission to create stylish vegan bags that our customers will adore.

As vegetarians, it was tough finding stylish handbags that were not made of animal leather.  Non-leather bags were too 'blah' or too rubbery. Too rubbery or too 'blah'.  So we decided to create our own brand of beautiful bags with tough, stylish details that vegetarians, vegans and non-vegans alike could enjoy without the guilt. 

Our bags PETA approved and available to order online. We lovingly pack and dispatch each order directly to you and we get rather excited sending them  - we hope you are just as excited to receive them. When you buy from a small business like ours, an actual person (Me!) does a little happy dance.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us contact@storyeightyone.com.

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