What's our story?

As vegetarians, it was tough finding stylish handbags that were not made of animal leather.  The non-leather bags that were available felt cheap and were not modern and stylish, so we decided to develop our own. Fast forward and STORY 81 was born in 2016.

At the heart of our story is our mission to create stylish vegan bags that our customers will adore. We’re a brand of vegan bags with tough, stylish details that vegetarians, vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy - it means you can wear a stylish handbag without the guilt.


We believe that animals do not need to be harmed for style - you don’t need to wear animal leather to be stylish. We wanted to create stylish vegan bags that our customers can adore without feeling guilty about where the materials came from.  It means that you can wear a stylish handbag guilt-free.

We don’t use any animal-based materials in the production of our bags.  Our bags are made of PU (polyurethane), an alternative to leather which avoids animals being killed for their skin. PU is also less harmful for the environment than PVC. In the future, we’re hoping to develop collections using other vegan materials.  Our bags are PETA approved and available to order through or online store, view the collection here.


We want to reduce wastage, so we manufacture collections based on quantities we need. Only when a collection is coming to a close will we restock or design another collection.


Any questions?  Feel free to contact us or follow our story over on Instagram and Facebook.