We’re STORY 81, a contemporary, cruelty-free, vegan brand for the modern human. Our STORY started with a mindful objective: to offer kinder alternatives to leather bags, while staying true to timeless, contemporary style.

81 - this number had become much more than my birth year... It connects with how stories start when you’re born, and how they’re shaped by the people you meet along the way, each leaving some sort of impact story with you."
- Meeta, founder

STORY 81 founder Meeta’s appreciation for handbags has been passed on by the women who have impacted her life: a mother who loves handbags, a grandmother who took pride in wearing quality handbags with beautiful finishes. Today, her designs still honour that effortless, empowering style in a contemporary way. This inspiration took on a life of its own and STORY 81 was born.

With contemporary yet vegan bags nowhere to be found on the highstreet, and after years of searching for a cruelty-free option for herself to fit in with her vegetarian lifestyle, the founder set out on a mission to give the conscious-minded an alternative to leather handbags - each with its own story, a reason why it came about. Each style has been carefully considered, always inspired by what we need and use in our everyday lives.

Just like the women who have inspired the founder, each and every one of our customers have a story. We want to bring this story to life through our pieces - without the feeling of guilt about where the materials come from.


With a strong commitment to animal welfare, our PETA-approved bags are designed around the belief that animals do not need to be harmed for style. We believe it is our responsibility to take into consideration the welfare of our planet and the species calling it home in the development of each of our products.

Striving towards sustainability, we aim to source only the most innovative, cruelty-free materials we can find. Currently, we work with PU (polyurethane) as an alternative to leather, but we are constantly exploring more natural, environmentally friendly alternatives that have the look and feel of real leather. Through carefully selected materials, precise silhouettes and attention to detail, our bags are made to last, and to be loved for longer than just one season. 

We aim to reduce waste in the accessories industry, so we stock our collections in limited editions, based on only the quantities we need. With a fewer but better philosophy, each piece is made with integrity and kindness from the highest-quality materials, and created by skilled craftsmen throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

Each and every one of our bags embraces the concept of slow, timeless fashion, and is crafted to effortlessly integrate into your wardrobe - without the feeling of guilt.

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