Through carefully selected materials, precise silhouettes and attention to detail, our bags are made to last and to be loved for longer than just one season. 

With a fewer but better philosophy, each piece is made with integrity and kindness from the highest-quality materials, and embraces the concept of slow, timeless fashion. In order to preserve the life of your handbag, we have provided some tips below.

Caring for your handbag

  • All our handbags come in a dustbag which will help to protect your new bag when not in use.
  • Store it with care, allow room for it to breathe in amongst other items in your wardrobe.
  • When not in use, keep it stuffed with clean paper or soft unwanted fabrics to retain the shape.
  • Do not stack handbags on top of one another.
  • Do not fold handbags.
  • Avoid hanging your bag by its straps, this puts pressure on the seams which could wear away prematurely.
  • Store your handbag in a cool dry place and keep it away from humidity and direct sunlight.

Cleaning your handbag

  • Stains and dirt on handbags should be cleaned with a dry, smooth, lint-free cloth.
  • A cloth slightly dampened with water should be used carefully in instances where the stain/dirt is slightly tougher, but excessive rubbing should be avoided as this could alter the material and colour.
  • Handbags should never be washed with water, or placed in a washing machine.
  • If the handbag gets wet e.g. in the rain, allow it to air dry.
  • Heat should not be used to dray your handbag.