What’s Veganuary and how can I get involved?

Veganuary is a registered charity that was launched in the UK in January 2014, encouraging people to try veganism for January.  The Veganuary website mentions that they’ve had over 1,000,000 participants since 2014, which is huge and will no doubt grow even more this year.


Why do people take part in Veganuary?

There’s a whole host of reasons why people take part in Veganuary, including:

  • to reduce the suffering of animals
  • to improve personal health
  • to help the planet

Most people start it to try out and explore vegan options, and end up making it a more long-term lifestyle choice.

How will it benefit me?

Whether you’re new to veganism, a pro or just curious, the Veganuary website is the place to start. Here, you can sign up to Veganuary’s 31 day challenge where you’ll get lots of great content direct to your inbox to keep you motivated and inspired, and you’ll have access to recipes and helpful tips to support you on your vegan journey.

Some tips if you’re doing Veganuary this year

For those of you who are doing Veganuary this year or are thinking about trying veganism, here are some tips on next steps that might help:


You might not do it all perfectly and/or in one go, and that’s okay– as long as you are trying and remember why you started, you can get back on track. It’s all part of a journey and small changes will turn into a lifetime of habits.


There are some great networks that you can engage with online and in person (outside of being in a pandemic of course!). Lots of cities do local vegan meetups, or if you want to start online instead, try joining some vegan Facebook groups – there are lots of groups where you can ask questions whether it’s about vegan food, vegan beauty or vegan fashion. Instagram accounts are great too if you want to see vegan-focused content, whether it’s recipe ideas, new vegan fashion brands, what’s new in the supermarkets or just fancy some vegan humour. Check out our blog post 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow For The Best Vegan Recipes for some inspiration. 


Changing your diet to a vegan one is a great place to start, but there are also other aspects of day to day life where you can make small changes that have an impact.  Switching over to vegan toiletries, buying eco-friendly cleaning products or shopping for a vegan rather than leather handbag is another step too.  We started STORY 81 for this very reason when we couldn’t find stylish non-leather handbags. We decided that we’d create modern, vegan handbags that could be loved by anyone (vegan or non-vegan) - it means that you can wear a stylish handbag guilt-free.  You can shop our collection of PETA-approved vegan bags here.

For more helpful tips, take a look at our guide 5 Need to Know Tips for First  Time Vegans.