What is Vegan Fashion?

The question we get asked the most is: what is vegan fashion?

Our answer is that being vegan isn’t just about making food choices, it’s a lifestyle choice. Vegan fashion is about making those choices while recognizing that animals do not need to be harmed for fashion.  It’s possible to balance fashion with responsibility and to do so in a way that doesn’t disturb the rights of other creatures on earth.

Vegan fashion isn’t just about not using fur, it’s also about not using leather, animal feathers, silk, down and wool, as well as other materials derived from animals.

There are various other options, and we’ve started our vegan journey with the use of PU (polyurethane), an alternative to leather which avoids animals being killed for their skin. PU is also less harmful for the environment than PVC and in the future we’re hoping to develop collections using other vegan materials.

We’re fortunate to sit alongside some other great brands that offer vegan options, for example just this month Topshop has announced a vegan shoe collection.

Take a look at our vegan shopping guide for some more ideas.