What is apple leather (AppleSkin™)?

If you’ve been following our journey, you know that we’ve been exploring the exciting developments in vegan leathers.

We launched STORY 81 with the belief that animals don’t need to be harmed for their meat or skin or to be used to create fashion accessories for our consumption. We had one goal in mind – to create a product that’s beautiful, and doesn’t come at a cost of harming animals.  We knew that our community of mindful women like you shared this vision too.

Vegan materials were our way forward and we started with Polyurethane (PU), a material that’s kinder to the planet than Polyurethane (PVC) - something we’ve never used. We know that the use of PU is not perfect, but we’re striving to reduce its composition in our handbags where possible and are excited by the options that are available.  And we think you’ll be just as excited as us to see what we’ve got coming next. Let’s talk more about AppleSkin™.

How is AppleSkin™ made?

Made in Italy, AppleSkin™, or apple leather as it’s also commonly called, is a bio-based alternative made from the leftover waste from the apple juicing industry. The leftover pulp, which would otherwise go to waste, is dehydrated to remove the moisture and turn it into a powder, which is then combined with Polyurethane to create this vegan leather.

Vegan apple leather
What are the benefits of AppleSkin™?

Appleskin™ is coming from renewable sources, reducing the carbon impact compared to other faux leather materials.

Coming from a waste product that would otherwise end up in landfill, apple leather allows us to turn something that is classed as waste into a beautiful product, giving the apple waste a new lease of life. An upcycled material that’s breathable, cruelty-free and kinder than leather, apple leather is widely used for footwear and furniture due to its durability, so it’s an ideal material for hardwearing accessories such as handbags.

It’s been so interesting to learn about these kinder, less harmful alternatives to leather. At STORY 81, we’re developing our next collection and will be launching with one of these materials. To be the first to hear about our launches, join our email list here.