Happy New Year - Welcome to 2019

Happy New Year.

A bit belated yes but that’s because we slightly extended the break a little and are coming back to work from today. An oh what a break it’s been!

Scrap that, because to be honest, not a lot happened and that was exactly the way we wanted it. Spending time with family and friends was all that was on the agenda, coupled with lots of vegan meals and treats of course! I have almost finished the book I started – Michelle Obama’s Becoming. Love love love this book! It’s quite a long read (400ish pages) but once I got past the first few chapters I couldn’t put it down and it’s also reminded me how much I love reading. I read a few self-development books last year, chugging away at a chapter here and there where I could, but there’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in a good book for a couple of hours at a time! It’s worth a read and I’m planning to read much more – a goal for 2019! If you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below.

Another goal for 2019, to create more blog posts for you.  If you have anything that you’d like us to include, let us know in the comments below.