An important message

There has been no better time to come together and send out positive messages and energy into the world, especially to those who really need it at the moment. Here's what we're doing at STORY 81:


  • we've set up to run from home, and will be shipping out orders as usual (you are all continuing to spread love with the gift of a beautiful vegan handbag).
  • we're working with our delivery partners to get orders to you in the usual timescales.


  • As brand owners who are often working from home, juggling multiple things (work, family, friends, a WhatsApp group - just life!) we know how hard it can be to take a minute for yourself and recentre.  During what is a challenging time, we at STORY 81 want to remind you that there is hope, that it's okay to take it slow and that as a community we can lift each other up. In a time of (in real life) social distancing, we have the benefit of technology to come together, so we've decided to use our platform to help spread some much needed positivity. You'll see that some of our Instagram content will be centred around wellbeing and positivity as we aim to help you stay lifted and rise. We'd love for you to join us and take a moment for yourself by following the tips in our upcoming posts.  If there's any particular content you want to see there, send us an email to or a DM on our Instagram, we'd love to hear from you.

We're a small brand and your support during this time really means the world to us. Thank you, as always.